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Ban Krut



Koh Talu
The small island of Koh Talu is located about 10km from the mainland near the town of Bang Saphan. The island has some beautiful bays with bright fine sand beaches. It is privately owned and the owners operate the Koh Talu Resort themselves. Upstream there are coral reefs wonderful for snorkeling. 


Dan Singkhon
Dan Singkhon is the border town with Burma at the narrowest part of Thailand. Daily there is a big orchids and wood furniture market which attracts both Thais and Burmese. An entry to Burma is not possible for foreigners. Driving time by car from Ban Krut is about 1 hour.


Ao Manao in Prachuap Khiri Khan
In World War 2 on December 8, 1941 the Japanese navy landed in the Lemon Bay. Today nothing will remind you of this event in the beautiful, far-drawn bay. Instead, under the shade of trees beach chairs and tables are waiting for visitors. With a cold beer in hand, the Thai kind of beach life can be well experienced. Journey time by car from Ban Krut approximately 1 hour.


Dan Singkhon and Ao Manao can be combined well. First to the border market, later for lunch on the harbor promenade in Prachuap Khiri Khan and then to the Ao Manao - a beautiful, versatile day trip.


National Park Kui Buri
Known to be the best elephant and gaur sighting place in Thailand, it is almost 99% sure visitors will see elephants. The National Park is home to one of biggest population of gaurs in entire Thailand with estimated around 100 individuals and around 320 elephants. It is probably the best spot in entire Thailand to see wildlife thanks to the easily accessible open areas. Wild mammals examined as gaurs, elephants, leopards, deers, banteng, langurs are common. The journey from Ban Krut takes about 2.5 hours. The camp of the National Park offers simple accommodations in tents and bungalows.


Just ask us - we not only rent out bicycles and motorcycle, but also organize tours for you.


Getting to Ban Krut

By bus: From the southern bus terminal in Bangkok there is every hour a bus going to Bang Saphan, the district capital. The bus with departure time at 12.30pm is the only one stopping in Ban Krut. The journey takes around 6 hours. Tickets may be purchased at booth 93, the bus leaves from bus port 5.


All other buses stop on the Phetkasem Highway, about 10 kilometers outside of Ban Krut. There are motorbike taxis waiting for a transfer of the special kind.


A more comfortable, but slightly more expensive option is to take the Airport bus from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok to Hua Hin and to travel further from Hua Hin by train, bus or taxi.


By train: From Central Station Hua Lumpong in Bangkok, take the train number 43, departure at 8.05am, it takes around 5 hours to Ban Krut.


We pick you up for free at the train station or bus station. We can organize your private transfer from Bangkok, Hua Hin or Surat Thani.


You won’t find taxis on four wheels in Ban Krut - but taxis on three wheels, the so called „Salaeng“. Motorcycles with a sidecar for up to 4 people.




By bus: Twice a day, at 10am and 2pm, a bus leaves from Ban Krut "downtown" directly to Bangkok. Mini buses run several times a day to the city center of Bangkok with bus change in Prachuap Khiri Khan. Departure is right next to the Ban Krut railway station.


By train: Daily at 2.20pm an sprinter train leaves to Bangkok.


Please note: Buy railway and bus tickets always as soon as possible as seats are limited. This is particularly true for trips from Ban Krut and the Airport Bus Bangkok - Hua Hin.
We take you for free to the railway station or the bus station. We can organize your private transfer to Bangkok, Hua Hin or cities in southern Thailand.

Ban Krut is a quiet, small resort town on the Gulf of Thailand, located about 380km south of Bangkok.


The tranquil village is yet little known. But the view from the long sandy beach on the sparkling blue water and the green hills on the border with Burma are more than worth a visit. For those travelling from Bangkok to the southern islands, Ban Krut is an ideal place for a stopover.


Ban Krut is an ideal getaway for those seeking peace. Only a small group of tourists and long-term residents stay here. At the kilometer-long beach one is nearly alone.


Warm year-round
Best time to visit is from December to April. It’s dry and the nights are fresh. But even in the rainy season from June to November it isn’t that rainy at all. Mostly the sun is shining from the slightly cloudy sky. Every very few days in the late afternoon, however, there's a brief but heavy shower. The temperature remains tropically warm, there’s always a pleasant breeze blowing from the sea. The water temperatures are 26-28 degrees celsius all year round.


Food & Nightlife
Along the beach are a number of excellent seafood restaurants with original Thai cuisine. Kasama's Pizza and Pasta, JJ's hamburgers and Chef Pat Steak House are the only restaurants offering western cuisine. In addition, there are many small restaurants and food stalls where you get good food for just a few baht.


Nightlife there is - none. Only one small bar sometimes opens longer than to 10pm. The restaurants usually close already after 9pm.


Our tip: Pick a nice spot on the beach under the stars, listen to the surf and look out to the horizon, where fishing boats light up raised like pearls on a string.


The early bird catches the fish - the sun rises over the Gulf of Thailand, the sunrise on a clear morning is a spectacle in itself.
In the small town are a number of local shops and since few years also 7-Eleven and Tesco Express. For fresh food there is a small market every morning next to the railway station. Larger markets with more than just food are held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


Money exchange

There are no banks, but a number of ATMs. Money can be changed in the district capital Bang Saphan, 20 kilometers from Ban Krut.


Active folks may rent bikes or a scooter to explore the area on their own. Offshore close is Koh Lumra, a little further away you may join a snorkel tour to admire colorful corals at Koh Talu.


Ban Krut, Ban Krud, Baan Kruud or Ban Good?
Anyone who has been here is irritated. What’s the correct name of the village? Officially it seems to be Ban Krut, all new road signs are referred to like this. Ban or Baan represents village, Krut is the Thai word for bergamot, the name of an orange size lemon-yellow fruit once grown here. Today the landscape is marked of coconut trees.




Wat Thang Sai
The landmark of Ban Krut. On the crest of the hill at the northern end of the bay of Ban Krut enjoy the mighty temple and little below the 12 meter high, out to sea looking Buddha statue. It's a very popular destination and the reason why Ban Krut attracts many Thai tourists from Bangkok.


Waterfall Ka On
The route is the goal. Through forests of coconut palms, pineapple and rubber plantations, the road leads ever higher up close to the border with Burma. Passing a picturesque dam and the last few meters on a unpaved road, the way ends at the first of the seven levels of the waterfall. During the dry season the Ka On can be reached well with a rented scooter, the trip takes around 1.5 hours.


Wat Ansuwang
One of few temples in Thailand exclusively built from red wood. It was restored in 2012 and shines now in full splendor. The journey time from Ban Krut with a scooter is around 1 hour.

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